Magnolia Green Golf Academy Facility

Our Magnolia Green Golf Academy building facilitates instruction year-round rain or shine. The construction of our Academy Building is a testament to Magnolia Green Golf Club’s commitment to excellence as we continue to set the standard as the premiere semi-private golf facility in the greater Richmond area; an amenity that puts us on par with the highest end private clubs.  Our 1,600 square foot academy building is located adjacent to the range and the clubhouse.

It has two large bays capable of accommodating four people. The bays can be used to hit balls onto the range with the doors open or into netting when the doors are closed.Every square foot is maximized for usage by multiple golfers at once. We have 3 different types of turf; a traditional tee line, longer rough and green. The 15×35 putting green is the home of our SAM Puttlab. Our Flightscope Launch Monitor can be used with balls struck into a net indoors or with the hitting bay doors open to the range. the hitting areas. The Academy Building also affords the opportunity for high quality club-fitting. We have putter and iron loft/lie machines in addition to a designated re-gripping area.